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A Few of My Favorite Authors

Alan Brennert

An Emmy award-winning television writer and one hell of a novelist in both the sci-fi and historical fiction areas. Anyone with an interest in Hawaii-based fiction should check out his Moloka‘i and Honolulu.  And his other works of course.


Billy Martin (fka Poppy Z. Brite)

Horror with gay protagonists doesn’t get any better. Billy’s work – especially his Drawing Blood -- are my horror comfort-reads.


Armistead Maupin

A huge influence on me, Armistead Maupin’s books still resonate and his The Night Listener is possible on of the best novels ever written.


William F. Nolan

The legendary Bill Nolan, author of so many great books including the Logan’s Run series.


Nathan Oser

An up-and-coming author focusing on the middle school market with occasional dabbles into the dark fiction world.  Full of imagination.


Ann Somerville

If you like your speculative fiction mixed with a little LGBT romance, Ann is amongst the best.


T.T. Thomas

Outstanding, fun fiction in L of LGBT vein with dabbles in many genres.  Witty, funny, emotional. The best.


Great Presses / Magazines

Dark Regions Press

Chris Morey’s amazing horror / sci-fi press.  Buy their books!


JaSunni Productions / Cycatrix Press

Jason V. Brock and Sunni Brock’s amazing small press / production company.  Cutting edge books and documentaries.  Buy their books, too!


Lethe Press

A great LGBT small press specializing in speculative fiction (amongst other genres) run by talented author Steve Berman. They published the second edition of my novel Kelland and I am ever so grateful. Buy their books, three!


Nameless Digest

I’m a contributor here at this wonderful horror/dark fiction web and print magazine curated by amazing authors/editor Jason V. Brock and author Sunni Brock.  Buy this mag!


Uninvited Books

Spearheaded by the amazing author Robert Dunbar, Uninvited puts out a wide range of dark fiction, all of it with a decidedly literary bent.  Buy their books, four!


Other Sites I Like

Asian Wiki

A website focusing on Asian cinema and series.


The Catacombs

Your place for all things related to the cult-classic sci-fi series Space: 1999.


Drama Fever

An on-line streaming service for great South Korean series and movies.